6-month Veganniversary: My Process of Becoming Vegan


Wow! I can hardly believe that today marks 6-months since I officially decided to go vegan! While at the time it had seemed really sudden not only to myself but to those who are closest to me, I have since realized that my journey to becoming vegan was a process about three years in the making.

My initial research into vegetarianism began when I was working at a small indie record label in Silverlake which, at the time, resided in the same building as PETA. I remember one of my early interactions with a PETA employee, as we each prepared breakfast for ourselves in the community kitchen. As I was slicing fruit to go on top of my then favorite breakfast item, greek yogurt, and she was spreading cream cheese on a bagel. She glanced nervously over at me and whispered “Shh! Don’t tell!” Confused, I asked what she was referring to and she responded that PETA strongly encouraged their employees to be 100% vegan. After assuring her that her secret was safe with me I returned to my desk and immediately started searching for more details about the organization. I had heard of PETA of course, but having a limited knowledge of the topic I was curious to learn more about what vegan meant and why they had such a strong stance on the topic.

It’s surprising that my awareness of vegetarian values was so limited, considering a good friend of mine was vegetarian and I had been preparing vegetarian versions of meals for her for years. While I was happy to make prepare vegetarian items for her, I only remember one time actually asking why she was vegetarian and my  memory of her answer is even foggier. I do, however, remember thinking it would be silly if she was vegetarian “for the animals.” While it pains me to admit that and saddens me to realize that a thought like that would have crossed my mind in the past, I do feel as though having come so far in my own mindset has helped me to be aware of other people’s mindsets regarding vegetarianism. And with this awareness, I hope to be able to communicate more effectively with those whose viewpoints differ from my own.

In addition to the few interactions with vegans and vegetarians that remain in my memory, I’ve come across some other clues about my process of becoming vegan such as my old grocery lists. Some of the earlier lists show mostly meat-centric meals but also shed light on a trend towards eating more vegetables and having one vegetarian night per week. Shortly after reading Eat To Live, I began cutting meat out of my diet almost entirely and making green smoothies every morning for breakfast. Dairy and eggs were still in my diet and after a while my intake of those items started increasing, probably because I was using them to replace the meat that I was accustomed to consuming previously.

It wasn’t until I watched Vegucated, a documentary about people who took a 6-week vegan challenge, that I learned about the horrible treatment of animals that was taking place in order for me to be able to consume all of that dairy and eggs, items that I already knew I would be much healthier without. After watching the film I felt shocked, depressed, anxious and could barely sleep that night. It was that day six months ago that I officially became vegan. And I haven’t looked back!

Actually, that’s not entirely true. I very often enjoy looking back through my instagram photos of all the wonderful vegan food I have been enjoying during this new phase of my life. Here’s some of my favorites from the past six months.

Tu-nut sliders from Real Food Daily at the LA Vegan Beer and Food Fest:

tu-nut slider real food daily los angeles vegan beer food festival


Vegan sushi is amazing! Who knew?



I even learned how to make pho!



Custom vegan meals prepared especially for me in Italy when I was there for my wedding and honeymoon:



I’ve discovered and fallen in love with jackfruit. Check out these Pulled Jackfruit BBQ Sandwiches:



And tofu scramble (never thought that would happen!):

tofu scramble


Raw Vegan Mocha Cheesecake anyone?! (yes, I made it and it was amazing!)

raw vegan mocha cheesecake


And of course, TONS of green smoothies:

vegan smoothies

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Veganized tacos from an Austin favorite - Torchy's Tacos! Avocado and black beans in one and marinated mushrooms in the other. Delicious!

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Who ever said going vegan was hard? Check out this Vegan Breakfast Taco (AKA the reason I moved to Austin!) with tofu scramble, vegan cheese, mushrooms and spinach. Paired with salsa and a side of spicy pesto. Yum!

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It took me a long time to make the connection between what I was eating and the harm that's being inflicted on my animal friends. I've always considered myself a good person, with morals and values. But it wasn't until I went vegan that I truly started living according to my values of compassion for all beings. 
Now it seems so weird, cruel (and gross!) to consider eating body parts or bodily fluids of another animal!

But I admit that I grew up thinking this was normal and acceptable behavior. I know it's a process to change our view of things that we've grown accustomed to. It's not easy changing our habits and our routines. 
I can say that it's 100% worth it!  Going vegan is one of the best decisions I've ever made!

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Peace and love for all! πŸ’–βœŒπŸ»οΈπŸŒ±βœ¨
Happy Sunday! Did you know that donuts can be vegan and they're super delicious? Enjoying this coffee glaze donut from @wheatsville, the local co-op here in #atx. Yum!

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Spending a little time every once in a while to visualize the life you want makes all the difference. Setting intentions for how you want to live your life is so important. Imagination really is everything. It's what helps us create something from seemingly nowhere. Don't ever let current circumstances fool you into thinking that you have no control over your own life. You are what you make of it. So be a force in this world. Fill up space. Grow your container so that you can take it all in. Happy Friday!
I've been dreaming of the Tuscan breaded tomato soup I had in Florence for the past 2 years and I finally recreated the recipe at home! Very simple but absolutely delectable. Recipe coming soon!

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Practicing yoga and mindfulness helps you create a bigger container so that you can have room for all of the feelings and still be ok. 
So that you can move through life from a place of joy and love and a deep okay-ness with what is. 
May you have the curiosity to stay present today to find grounding and expansion. 
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Italian food is easy to make vegan! This lasagna has eggplant, zucchini and a creamy cashew ricotta. The salad has a garlicky tahini dressing 
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I used to do yoga as a form of exercise. These days, I realize that asana(the physical postures) are only one part of what we call yoga. 
Practicing different forms of breath-work(pranayama), meditation and self-study(svadyaya) have helped me through so many major changes in my life...going vegan, starting my own business and even relocating to a city where I did not know a single person(except my husband!) May you continue to be curious everyday. 
May you live according to your own values of compassion and love. 
May you follow your heart and find the courage to go after your dreams. 
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May all beings everywhere be happy, healthy and free! 
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Going vegan does NOT mean giving up the foods you love. I found these organic sprouted brown rice cacao crisps at Costco of all places! Basically vegan Cocoa crispies! The options these days are endless, especially wth a little creativity. Visit VeganYogaLife.com for recipes, tips + inspiration. πŸŒ±βœ¨πŸ’•
Sharing some of the best advice I've ever been given. βœ¨πŸ’•πŸ™πŸ»
Yoga is so much more than just a physical practice. Practicing mindfulness extends to every corner of your life because it means being present in the current moment. How can you get a little more curious or pay a little closer attention today? 
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Don't live to eat. Eat to LIVE. 
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