New Year, New Yoga Studio, New Adventures

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Tonight was our first session of yoga teacher training in the new year. Each month we have a “check-in” meeting on a Thursday evening prior to the full weekend of training and we’ve kind of started a new tradition to bring snacks and make it into a potluck. Our teacher, Jessica, has been working tirelessly to open a brand new studio space for One Down Dog and since they held their first classes in the space today, she invited us to meet there. These Thursday evenings have become a time that I really look forward to because it gives all of us an opportunity to listen and be heard in a supportive community setting.

Being in the new space for this check-in meeting was really great because I feel like it’s coinciding with the group really starting to settle into a rhythm. At least I am starting to feel more comfortable when it’s my turn to share during check-in and I feel like I’m making more of a connection with other members of the training group. Now that we have a new studio space to call home everything feels like it’s coming together so perfectly and now I realize this is exactly what I was searching for when I decided to participate in the yoga teacher training in the first place. More than simply gaining the skills required to instruct others through a yoga class, I was hoping to meet new friends, form new meaningful relationships and be a part of a community where I would learn and grow and thrive. At the risk of sounding selfish, the energy I was sending out at the beginning of the training was not only the longing to be in a position to help others but also to be in a position to help myself. Luckily, I truly believe that learning and growing personally is the first step towards having the ability to help others.

In addition to the reading for yoga training, I have been delving into my new learning experience of becoming vegan, after being vegetarian for over year. As an avid cook and recipe creator, my newfound dietary explorations have been really exciting for me and a great opportunity to learn new information. In fact, my search for what to have for breakfast last weekend already sparked an idea for a new project which I’ve already begun writing about it on my blog, What Vegetarians Eat. As explained in my post, I’m hoping to work my way through my mom’s recipe book, which has always be dear to my heart, and “veganize” each one by removing any animal products. I feel like this is a great way to get creative and have fun with my new vegan way of eating while keep one foot in my comfort zone. Don’t get me wrong – I’m not afraid of trying new things. I’ve already made tons of amazing vegan recipes that use ingredients I’ve never tried before and combinations of things I never would have thought up on my own and I know that the possibilities are endless. This change has not come without it’s share of emotions, but focusing on the exciting and positive aspects have made me feel happier than ever the past two weeks.

I’m filled with excitement with the way this year has begun. This weekend we will meet again for two days full of learning, practicing and connecting in the new space. In a couple of weeks the studio will have it’s grand opening party where my band will be performing our first show! I just love that this will be the place where we perform for the first time, in a room full of people who have shared so much with me, I will get a chance to share a little more of myself as well.

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I finally found it... VEGAN TIRAMISU!! 🙌🏻 It only took 4 years! @civico1845 has an entire vegan menu and WOW! The truffle mushroom ravioli was amazing and their gnocchi is the best I’ve had. #sandiegovegan #vegantiramisu
Beautiful succulent garden outside Modern Times brewery
Trying some more vegan fast food from @plantpowerfastfood. I got The a rambler - a “beefy” burger with bbq sauce, onion rings, American “cheese” and lettuce and tomato. Shane got a side of chili cheese fries and we brought it all to enjoy at @moderntimescafe #vegansandiego
Jemma’s breakfast: blueberries, mango and creamy coconut oatmeal #veganbaby #babyledweaning #10mo
As a San Diego native, I had a moral obligation to order the California Burrito from Evolution vegan fast food joint. Carne asada, French fries, queso and guac! Their chili is amaze balls and yes that’s a vegan chocolate shake 😍😍 #veganmexicanfood #vegansandiego
Delicious hummus topped with pistachios and pomegranate seeds paired with cucumber slices. Great service and yummy vegan options! #vegansandiego
I found a legit vegan breakfast burrito at @delcoronado with tofu scramble and roasted squash! #vegansandiego
Jemma’s breakfast: banana, avocado and strawberries #veganbabyledweaning #10mo #veganbaby
Secret menu item at @barkindred - delicious drop biscuit with crispy chik’n over lemony crispy kale and topped with gravy 😍😍😍 #veganfood #vegansandiego
Great coffee and vegan donuts!
Jemma’s lunch: roast carrots, broccoli, golden beets and zucchini #babyledweaning #veganbaby
@beyondmeat burger piled high with tomatoes, onion, pickles, lettuce, avocado, @followyourheart cheese, mustard and ketchup with baked beans #whatveganspigouton
Jemma’s lunch: steamed carrots and quinoa avocado smash #veganbabyledweaning #veganbaby
Green salad with nuts and seeds and spicy peanut dressing #whatveganseat
Breakfast for Jemma: kiwi, banana, and oatmeal made with coconut milk and cinnamon #veganbaby #veganbabyledweaning #10mo