Review: Fresh ‘n Lean Vegan Meal Delivery Service

fresh n lean vegan meal delivery service

If you’re reading this blog, you probably noticed that I kinda like to cook! Most evenings, you will find me in the kitchen preparing a hearty plant-based meal from scratch. But there are times when even I can’t find the time to whip up a home-cooked meal. That’s why I was so into the idea of meal delivery services when they were first gaining popularity. The only problem was, they were never 100% vegan, and I am!

Well, I recently discovered a completely plant-based meal delivery service called Fresh ‘N Lean and they offered to send me a meal plan to taste test and review. 

One of the best perks about Fresh ‘N Lean is that all of the meals are prepared already when you get them, you only have to heat them up! When I used to work full time and commuting across Los Angeles, it would be really difficult sometimes to find the energy to cook every night. So while I’m a huge proponent of cooking at home and preparing fresh meals, some nights you just gotta pop something in the microwave. And if you’re doing a microwave meal, it doesn’t get much better than this!

Now that I am working for myself, I luckily have a little more time to dedicate to cooking. But there are still those times when I have a deadline looming or I’m just in a super creative streak and don’t want to stop even to stretch my legs, let alone cook a meal. And for these nights, I was super thrilled to have something around that even my husband could prepare (side note: Shane is great at a lot of things, but the cooking is usually left up to me!)

My favorite meal was the Sweet Potato and Split Pea Medley(below). This looks like a dish I would have created. Sweet potatoes are my favorite and I almost always throw a handful of greens into every dish. The flavor was great, lots of spices and just enough kick to it.

fresh n lean vegan meal delivery service  sweet potato split pea medley

I loved how all of the meals I received were all-in-one. This made it simple to just heat it up and eat. The portions were large, too. So you could either save some for another time or split with a friend.

Another dish I enjoyed was the Dual mushroom lentil and rice(below). The large chunks of broccoli were awesome and lots of texture from the rice and lentils.

fresh n lean vegan meal delivery service  Dual mushroom lentil and rice.

Another great thing about all of these meals is that they are low in fat and super high in plant-based proteins! If you ever asked the question “where do vegans get their protein,” then you should check out this meal plan!

Along with the entree dishes, they also sent me some fabulous Hearty Granola(below) with almonds and walnuts. I topped it with a bit of soy milk and it was really tasty and also filling. I so looked forward to having this for breakfast the following day.

fresh n lean vegan meal delivery service granola

And just when you think it couldn’t get any better, don’t forget that ALL of the ingredients are GMO-free and completely organic.

For the most part, everything was great! There was one pasta dish that was definitely not my favorite. The noodles were way overcooked (probably due to the reheating process) and the flavor was really bland. I would say to avoid ordering the pasta dish if you can.  I also can’t help but feel there is something lacking when eating pre-prepared meals. That is, of course, coming from someone who cooks most of her own meals!

Overall, my experience with the meal plan was really good. I think that Fresh ‘N Lean is a great option for anyone who wants to eat healthy, vegan meals but doesn’t have the time to cook. 

If you’re interested in trying out a meal plan, use my promo code to save 15% off meal plans with the promo code: VEGETARIAN

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