3 Myths About Veganism That Are Keeping You From Living More Mindfully

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3 Myths About Veganism That Keep You From Living More Mindfully | #VeganMyths #GoingVegan #MindfulVegan #VeganYogaLife | VeganYogaLife.com

If you’re currently considering going vegan then you probably have a TON of questions. I understand, because I was once in the position of taking the huge and scary leap that is going vegan, too. Having been vegan for years now, I can tell you there are a lot of myths out veganism there that just are simply not true.

Having gone through the experience of transitioning from the SAD (standard American diet) to being vegetarian to going vegan, I can relate to a lot of the questions and confusion that can arise in the process.

One of the biggest changes I’ve experienced is feeling more comfortable in my own skin. What does that mean? Well, I feel more confident in everyday life because I was able to confront, and make a huge shift, in the habitual lifestyle I was living in order to open my mind to new possibilities.

Through the process of going vegan I have become so much more mindful of how I live day to day:

  • what I eat
  • what I purchase
  • the way I interact with others (human and non-human)
  • what I support
  • what I don’t support
  • what I believe in
  • who I am
  • who I want to be
  • what kind of mother I will am and want to be

I truly believe that going vegan has opened my mind to increased mindfulness, not only about health, animal welfare and the environment – but also to larger questions about life itself. I even wrote an entire post about how veganism and yoga have in common.

So if you’re on the fence about going vegan, I’m asking what is it that’s holding you back? I’ve gathered a few of the common myths about veganism I’ve heard (or once believed) here so I can provide my rebuttal.

Please leave a comment below if you still have questions or arguments that you need addressed or answered.

3 Myths About Veganism That Are Keeping You From Living More Mindfully

1. Vegan Food Sucks

Alrighty…if you believe this myth then YOU. ARE. MISSING. OUT!


First of all, have you tried any of my vegan recipes? If not, please try some and let me know what you think.

Things have come a LONG way in the past 5, 10, 20 years. I’m grateful that I began my vegan journey when there were so many more plant-based options available than there used to be.

Being vegan is not just for hippies anymore! There are endless studies pointing to a vegan diet treating and even curing heart disease, diabetes, obesity, allergies and a number of other problems.

Many people are turning to a plant-based diet for health and environmental reasons. Because of this, the markets are responding to the demand with many new vegan products to replace meat, dairy and eggs.

Action Items:

  • Make some of my top vegan recipes
  • Try my favorite vegan diary replacements
  • Use the Happy Cow app to find good vegan options in your area or when traveling. I used it in Italy and found some great options I wouldn’t have known about otherwise!
  • Go to the highest rated vegan spots in your area and ask what the most popular dish is. Order it. Enjoy!

2. You Can’t Get Enough Protein Or Nutrients On A Vegan Diet

Protein, protein, protein…YES YOU CAN GET ENOUGH ON A VEGAN DIET!

Getting enough protein is always a big concern for new vegans because everyone knows it is obviously an essential part of a healthy diet.

The problem is our misconception that animal products are the best, or only, source of protein.

Did you know that all plant foods have protein in them? I bet it would surprise you to find out that there is more protein in 100 calories worth of broccoli than in 100 calories worth of steak.

According to The American Dietetic Association, “Plant protein can meet protein requirements when a variety of plant foods is consumed and energy needs are met.”

So what does that even mean?

eating enough calories + eating a wide variety of plant foods = enough protein

Basically, you need to eat your fruits and veggies πŸ™‚ But see number one – it can still be delicious! I promise!

More Resources:

3. Being Vegan Is Hard

Going vegan can be scary at first. I will give you that. It is a HUGE paradigm shift that involves a learning curve, sometimes big emotions. But…

It’s also exhilarating, liberating, empowering and a lifelong journey towards mindfulness and compassion.

Most of the people I talk to claim they could never go vegan because they could not give up cheese. And I understand that, too. I was once that person! When I first decided to go vegan, I took a 30-day vegan challenge because I was afraid to commit. But I still knew deep down that I absolutely had to do it.

And it turns out…nixing cheese and dairy was not really that hard. When equipped with the proper knowledge, tools and support you can do anything – even upend an entire lifetime of habits, traditions and judgements!

One of the main things I’ve learned from going vegan and also my yoga practice is that attitude is key. I’d love for you

Action Items:

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Join Us!

I hope that these myths about veganism have been debunked for you now! If you are looking for the knowledge, tools and support to go vegan and live more mindfully I invite you to join me in my Facebook Group, Going Vegan Mindfully.

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