A Healthy Level of Skepticism: Yoga Teacher Training Day One

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We started our first day of yoga teacher training with my favorite class at One Down Dog called Sweat. And it’s exactly what you are thinking – it really makes you sweat! It’s my favorite because I always feel amazing after I sweat out all of the ickyness that has built up since my last practice and move through anything that feels stalling in my life at the moment. I’ve also met some really nice people by making this class part of my routine (some of which are also doing the training). So needless to say it’s a great way to kick off this new experience! Afterwards we were lucky to be offered some free juices from Can Can which are going to be available for sale at One Down Dog studio now.

One Down Dog's 1st Day of Inaugural Yoga Teacher Training!
One Down Dog’s 1st Day of Inaugural Yoga Teacher Training! Photo credit: Arielle Miller

So one of the first things I learned is that the sweat class I had just busted my ass on was just one tiny aspect of yoga which is called Hatha, or physical. I laughed at the fact that I had always thought that Hatha was the form of yoga exercise that was slow stretching and boring. And then I got excited about what other preconceptions will be washed away and replaced with knowledge and even more curiosity about how far down the rabbit hole goes. Turns out, it goes really frickin’ far! But of course I knew that – it’s why I signed up for this yoga teacher training.

Once we started diving into the origins of yoga and discussing all the forms it can take it became clear that I would have to find my own path, picking and choosing the parts that I can relate to and apply to my life. Our instructor mentioned a couple things in some of the teachings that are very outdated or just entirely messed up which led her to impart on us the advice to approach yoga with a healthy level of skepticism.

Action Item: To Watch

My sister, who is also doing the training, brought up a documentary named KumarĂ© about a guy from New Jersey pretending to be a guru from India to see how many followers he could collect. I haven’t watched it yet but we had a pretty lively discussion about the topic. Already added it to my Netflix queue.

We will be talking a lot about the philosophies of yoga which I am interested in learning more about. I’ve never been someone who can whole-heartedly subscribe to something without educating myself and making an informed decision so I think I’m good in that area.

But it never hurts to stop every once in a while and ask yourself – is this something that is on my wavelength? Do I agree with this?
And just reflect a little bit.

And that is something that in my opinion can – and should – be brought to every aspect of life.

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