Banana Walnut Smoothie

The juice and smoothie craze has been making a comeback lately which is likely due in part to documentaries like Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead which not only emboldened me to purchase a juicer the day after I watched it but more importantly and permanently put me on a path toward eating for my health and limiting animal products in my diet. After realizing how important it was that I eat a healthy breakfast despite my aversion to eating anything prior to 11am, I started stopping by local juice bars and vegan joints for smoothies. Not long after I began realize the detrimental affect it had on my wallet, I began to wonder why I don’t just make my own smoothies. So I stopped wondering and decided to do what I do best – learn some new recipes! (Read on to learn how to make my new favorite smoothie for only $1.90 as opposed to the whopping $8 it costs at a local juice bar!)

Making smoothies at home not only saves you money, it provides peace of mind because you know exactly what you are eating and where the ingredients came from. You could argue that bottled smoothies that you purchase in a grocery store are more affordable. The trade-off here is that you have to read the nutrition labels very carefully and even if the ingredient list is sound it will never be as beneficial to your health as fresh, whole foods.


I find that the smoothies are sweet enough for my taste if I use really ripe bananas. If you like them sweeter, try adding a pitted date or a little raw honey.

Banana Walnut Smoothie

Makes one large smoothie.

1 banana – .25
2 Tbsp. walnuts – .50
1 cup almond milk – .25
2 cups raw spinach or kale – .75
1 dash ground cinnamon – .02 per 1/8 teaspoon
1 teaspoon chia seeds – .13

total = $1.90

Favorite Blue Smoothie

Makes one large smoothie.

1 Banana – .25
1 cup frozen blueberries – .75
1/4 cup raw almonds – .40
1 cup almond milk – .25
2 cups raw spinach or kale – .75

total = $2.40

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