Best Yoga Gifts For the Holidays

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best yoga gifts for the holidays
Shopping for a cool yogi friend this holiday season? Or maybe you are the cool yogi who wants to share cool yoga stuff in hopes that their friends will catch on and buy you everything on the list? Either way…you’re in the right place! I’ve gathered what I think are the best yoga gifts. Hint hint!

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I feel the need to mention that in order to do yoga we don’t need fancy clothes, props or toys. One of the most beautiful aspects of yoga is that all we need in order to do it, is to be able to breath!

That being said, some of these items are practical and useful tools for making our practice more comfortable or expanding our practice to a new level. Others are just plain fun, so why not?

Yoga Classes

yoga studio one down dog
This one might seem obvious to yogis but it could totally be overlooked by well-wishing gift-givers. I think it’s safe to say that for most yogis, the gift of actual yoga is awesome! If you know where your yogi friend practices, pick them up a class package so they can keep up with the OMs without the $$.


Yogitoes Yoga Towel with Skidless Technology

yogitoes Tarrin Limited Edition Skidless Technology yogitoes Tarrin Towel.jpg
I was first drawn to yoga for the powerful vinyasa style that would make me sweat buckets. For those yogis who like to power it up and sweat it out, yoga towels are super important! By soaking up extra sweat, it keeps you from slip and sliding around, making it easier – and safer – to get into certain poses. Plus they come in an array of fun colors and patterns. Click here to get 25% off site-wide (ends 11/30)!

Third Eye Chakra Box

third eye chakra box

This box from Goddess Provisions was curated around the theme of tapping into your intuition, working with the third eye chakra.

SukhaMat Yoga Wheel

yoga wheel best yoga gifts for the holidays
Here’s a fun prop for yogis who want to a little extra support as they dig deeper into back bends, inversions and other challenging poses. Check out how to use the yoga wheel for some inspiration.

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Onzie Yoga Bra

onzie yoga bra best yoga gifts

Those of us who go to yoga pretty much every day need a stockpile of comfortable yoga clothes. I’m probably not the only yogi who doesn’t typically splurge on the name brand, “fancy” yoga clothes. So that’s all the more reason a super cute piece of yoga wear like this Onzie Bra would make a great gift! 


Own Your Awesome – 52 Card Deck of Affirmations

Own Your Awesome - A 52 Card Deck of Powerful Affirmations

Yoga is not just about physical exercise. We live our yoga every moment of our lives! We all need a little encouragement and uplifting sometimes. That’s why I love these affirmations cards so much! This is a great gift or stocking stuffer for friends or family who would benefit from simple, sweet reminders of their yoga, off the mat.

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