Get Real: A Return to Yoga

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One Down DogI really like this poem written by a yoga teacher of mine which aims at remembering the underlying values of Yoga rather than getting caught up in having a “perfect pose” or a “perfect body.” Here is a snippet to give you an idea:

I don’t care how strong your core is.
I want to know if you’ll be strong for yourself and for others when it counts, when things get hard.
I want to know if you can stand in the face of fear and overcome obstacles.

I like this poem because that’s how I’ve always viewed Yoga as well (and maybe that’s why I chose to do my Yoga teacher training through One Down Dog!). Fitness in the body is just one aspect of Yoga. But it’s so much more than that – it’s how you live your life.

I still have to be reminding of these things from time to time. So next time I start doubting myself maybe I’ll take another look at this poem.

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