Going Vegan Is Easy: Shifting to an Attitude of Abundance

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Going Vegan Is Easy: Shifting to an Attitude of Abundance | Vegan Yoga Life

A lot of things happen when you decide to go vegan and at first you may hit what seem like road blocks. But I’m here to tell you that going vegan is easy!

When I first made the switch, I went through a bunch of different phases. One of the first things I did when I was going vegan was research all about nutrition on a vegan diet, searching for vegan recipes and finding resources that would teach me more about the vegan lifestyle.

This research phase was very exciting and fun…at first. The possibilities of eating a healthy, plant-based diet had me practically buzzing, along with that joyful and powerful feeling of knowing that I was no longer needlessly contributing to animal cruelty.

Then after a few days, the enormity of the change I was making really started to sink in.

That phase was really scary and upsetting. LOTS of feelings started pouring in. ALL of the feelings!

I started to think more and more about the things that I was cutting out of my diet. Things like cheese and ice cream….some of my favorite foods were going away – FOREVER!

It’s very possible that you’re dealing with the exact same thing right about now. So how do you deal with those feelings of fear and insecurity when making such a big lifestyle change? How can I sit here and tell you that going vegan is easy?

The key is in your attitude.

Focus on shifting your attitude from scarcity to abundance.

When you focus on all of the things you are cutting out of your diet, it’s really easy to feel overwhelmed and limited. It’s because you’re lining your energy up with scarcity and feelings of lack.

But when you make the conscious choice to focus on all of the new things that you will be learning and trying, things start to seem a lot more exciting again. Recognizing the wealth of options in your new lifestyle will aline your energy with abundance and possibility.

Being vegan doesn't take willpower. It just takes a willingness to choose compassion over convenience. - Colleen Patrick-Goudreau

Since going vegan, I’ve noticed that people have become a lot more interested in what I eat. So many people have asked how I have the willpower to say no to things like cheese. People will often catch themselves when talking to me about certain foods, saying “oh wait, I forgot you can’t have that.”

The thing is, I can actually have it. I just don’t want it.

This is another way that shifting your attitude has a huge impact! Nothing is being denied you. You are choosing to abstain from certain foods for a specific reason – or many reasons!

Going vegan is easy when you focus on the positive effects of your choice. This is the key to living a vegan lifestyle joyfully:

By choosing to go vegan you are choosing health.

By choosing to go vegan you are choosing not to contribute to animal cruelty.

By choosing to go vegan you are choosing to think creatively and outside the box.

By choosing to go vegan you are choosing joy and compassion.


Remember your why:

Try to notice when you are focusing on the things you “can’t have.” Remind yourself that you are allowed to have those things, but that you are choosing not to. Remind yourself why you are going vegan and are choosing not to eat those foods.

Focus on Abundance:

If you feel like you are being deprived of something that you love, try to shift your focus toward finding a vegan replacement for it. This could be as simple as finding a vegan version of the food at the store. Or maybe you get creative and try to “veganize” a recipe that you love. Stay focused on the possibilities available to you by getting creative, exploring new ingredients and trying new foods.

Browse my vegan recipes for some inspiration.

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