How to Make Your Big, Crazy Dream Come True

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How to Make Your Big, Crazy Dream Come True |

So I have a confession to make. I have this big crazy awesome dream that I’ve been shoving to the back of my mind for a while now. 

You know how it is. It can be scary to admit that you want something. Especially if you want it really badly.

Isn’t it funny then, that the only way to realize a dream is to first acknowledge it’s existence? <–Click here to tweet this!

I’ve been rolling this idea – this big, crazy dream – around in my head for over almost two years now and haven’t really taken any steps toward bringing into the realm of reality.

Admittedly, I have a fairly honorable excuse for being a bit distracted over the past year, becoming a mother and all. But it IS funny how we tend to come up with the best excuses when we’re trying to avoid something we’re afraid of.

And what’s scarier than the possibility that our dreams won’t ever come true?

That’s something I was reminded of as I listened to episode one of Elizabeth Gilbert’s podcast Magic Lessons this morning when she so aptly made the observation that “all procrastination is fear.”

[Sidenote: seeing as how this podcast it was released almost a year ago, I realize I’m a little late to the party. As I said, I’ve been a little distracted.]

I remember stumbling upon the podcast’s existence a few weeks ago and downloading the first episode. Somehow, I found myself listening to that episode this morning. A day after I first put the idea of my big crazy dream out into the world. For me, this first step took the form of telling my husband all about it.

It felt good to admit this dream out loud to another person. It felt like I was giving it a little more magic juice and inviting the universe in on a secret. 

I’m a firm believer in visualization and I’ve been doing quite a bit of it lately. To me, this means seeing in the mind’s eye something that I want to manifest. Seeing it and experiencing it as if it were already true and aligning my energy with what I want to create. This enables me to be more open to bringing it into reality because my vibe is already in sync with the gifts, knowledge and opportunities the universe is sending my way to help me along.

Visualization is awesome. But if I stopped there, that’s all I would get. Some sparkly feel-good daydreams.

That’s why it felt so good to hear Elizabeth Gilbert’s words this morning. It reminded me that the only thing that could ever make my dream impossible is by never taking the next steps to making them happen.

I get this tingly feeling that the stars have lined up in a special way this weekend. Maybe it’s the full moon? But I keep getting signs that this dream I have is meant to be acknowledged.

That I have a true passion that is waiting to be manifested into something bigger than just a daydream. AND that I not only deserve to have this dream, but that it would be a disservice to the world if I let fear hold me back from creating something from it.

wild unknown three of pentacles

Another great reminder came in the form of the tarot card I pulled from my Wild Unknown tarot deck today. The Three of Pentacles symbolizes teamwork, competence and planning. It wasn’t until later in the day that I realized these are things that I need to embrace if I ever want my dream to come true.

Later in the morning during a yoga class, my teacher brought up the idea of “determination,” acknowledging our deep feelings and overcoming fears in order to put ourselves out in the world and BE SEEN.

Wow. Yes! These are the messages I’m receiving and I am taking them to heart.

I’ve done some personal work in the past on the concept of having the right to see and the right to be seen. Putting yourself out into the world and displaying what you have to offer can be so intimidating. 

That’s why I’m so inspired by Liz’s message to the world – the amazing work she’s doing to inspire people to create what they were meant to create. This quote from one of her Magic Lessons episodes really struck me: “There simply is no better life than that – the constant choice between curiosity and fear.”

"There simply is no better life than that - the constant choice between curiosity and fear." - Elizabeth Gilbert |

I know that my crazy big dream is, well, BIG. But I’m realizing that it’s only crazy if I keep putting it off and letting fear prevent me from taking the necessary steps to embracing my path and purpose(dharma).

Do you have a big, crazy dream? Tell me about it!

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