Leaving For Italy

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I’m sitting in the Dulles airport waiting for my flight to Rome, which is my first stop in Italy on the way to Positano for my wedding next week. We’ve been up since 4:30am pacific time and won’t get there until 9am Rome time which is 9 hours ahead. Lots of traveling but it will be worth the wait!

There’s this feeling I get whenever I am planning to visit a new country. Maybe it’s my over active imagination or just my inner child peeking out, but it always picture something more than just another country. Something so grandiose that I can’t really see it my mind’s eye. I suppose that’s what we expect of many things we have never experienced. How can you comprehend something you have never known?

When I arrive in the foreign city, I can’t help but be surprised that it is in fact, just another city – with traffic and high rise buildings and busy people.

And then over my time spent in the new place, I start to realize that the allure and intrigue of visiting new places is not always so much about the differences in appearances, but about the variance in the cultures, attitudes, sentiments and traditions. That is where the true value of travel lies. Sharing with and learning from others.

I have a decent idea of what to expect in Italy. But I have to say I still have this larger than life idea of the far off country I’ve long dreamed of visiting. This time, though, I am very curious to experience the people and soak in the vibrancy of the Italian culture.

My hope is to eat where the locals eat and check out places they would hang out. My fiancΓ© heard about a show that a band he likes will be playing in Rome one night we are there!

I plan on posting about my adventures being Vegan in Italy so check back for more soon!

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