Spreading the Love: 8 Joyful Vegan Moms on Instagram

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When I went vegan, I had a lot of questions and boy did everyone else have questions! I could imagine that choosing to raise a child vegan would be bound to bring up a lot of curiosity (and possibly even some judgment) from the people in our lives. 

In honor of Mother’s Day, I thought it would be fun to highlight some vegan moms whose Instagram profiles radiate a joyful vegan lifestyle as a mother. Cheers to those who find the compassion in their hearts to find live a vegan lifestyle and the courage to raise their children according to their values!



A while back after Willow was born I was a member in a Facebook group for mums (name not to be mentioned!). I found myself constantly frustrated at the advice that was being given to other mums regarding babies, breastfeeding, bottle feeding, foods, introducing solids, sleeping, and general emotional support. So myself, my cousin who has a healthfood business, and a good friend who works in social work, started our own group for our mum friends. So for all mums who feel the same and want some support and advice (I know I do!!) please join the group “Conscious Living Mums”. It’s a closed group and no friends can see your posts, just a group of sensible mums with healthy living in the forefront of their minds. All mums welcome ⭐️ #motherhood

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They say that coming out of your comfort zone is where the magic happens and a year & a half ago we were wondering what our next move was going to be as we had just recently lost a contract on building our first home and didn’t want to stay the year we’d have to wait to try again in our then apartment. Honestly though, as disappointed as we were it was a blessing in disguise. We were settling, instead of making changes in our lives to have more opportunities for our family so we decided to move out of state instead. We really lucked out too, found a great school for our daughter, growing neighborhood and 6 months later I got the opportunity to quit my job. Leaving my job though didn’t come until days after moving we soon realized that my husband’s job transfer wasn’t as promising as it was. He was losing hours and we were applying for assistance just to get by. I had to again get out of my comfort zone of being a full time mom & part time barista and start working 40 hours a week to help make our situation better. But it didn’t, it made me frustrated that we left my comfort zone only for me to to sacrifice my time with my kids. I wasn’t willing to settle though, being pretty stubborn, I decided to make a change instead and said yes to my coach and decided to pay it forward and start working on my future with my health&fitness and to start working towards having the freedom that I desperately desired. For me I just wanted to get my time back with my kids, to go back to working part time and make getting out of my comfort zone work for me! Three months later I was hanging up my apron, as I got the opportunity to quit my job and go back home with my kids and keep doing this coaching thing full time and turn it into a business. I had no business background, no experience, just the dream to make my future work for me instead of building someone else’s dreams. What’s your future worth to you? Is it your time with your family? Your dream to travel? Whatever it is I know that my future is worth so much more since I stepped out of my comfort zone and took control of where my life was taking me.

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This little #vegan beauty just turned one and she is walking nonstop now. ♡ Precious! #whatveganslooklike A photo posted by Vegan Baby & Toddler (@littlevegans) on




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