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Wow, I can’t believe I’ve been rambling about vegetables for two years already! Ok, well definitely longer than that but the past two years have been officially recorded on this amazing thing we call the internet. In preparation for writing this post, I took a walk down memory lane, reading through my old posts from when I first went vegan and also my 1-year blogiversary post.

When I first started, my original goal was to talk about vegetarian food and create an online space that made it easy for me to share my recipes. But it’s amazing how much has happened since I first started this blog two years ago. 

I went vegan. I got married (in Italy!). I became a yoga teacher. I started my own business.


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These days, I have SO much more I want to share! So I’ve decided to switch things up and expand the scope of this blog to include more of who I am. I’ve narrowed in on three main topics I plan on covering: vegan, yoga and life. 

Vegan: obviously, everything I’ve always written about on Recipes, vegan perspective, product reviews, vegan travel, etc.

Yoga: Experiences as a yoga teacher, meditations, mantras and life through a yogic lens.

Life: So this sounds like a broad topic, but I’ll mostly be covering my adventures as an entrepreneur, travel, and adventures.

The main reason behind my decision to change the blog is so that I can share more of who I am in hopes of creating connections with like-minded people. 

You may have noticed some of the content on my Instagram and Twitter accounts broadening in scope. The new website is coming soon – so keep a look out for that! Sign up for my newsletter if you’d like to hear about the launch and other fun updates.

I’m so excited about the new direction for this blog and I hope that you’ll check in from time to time and share your perspective and stories.

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