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We all know the feeling of excitement when we discover a vegan or vegetarian food product that we have never seen before. Stumbling upon new vegan meats and other goodies not only expands our food options, as I discussed in a recent post about jackfruit, but also brings a sense of reassurance that we are not being vegan in vain. An understanding that there are others out there who are putting time and energy into creating excellent vegan food items as well as those who are creating the demand for such items (you and me!).

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Husband and wife, Steven and Kim, over at knew this feeling very well having discovered many vegan products over the years in local health food stores. Each time they happened upon a new product they wondered why they had not heard of it before. Clearly, there are many of these great vegan foods available out there and these two wanted to find a way to make them more accessible.

That’s when they decided to start, where they sold their favorite – vegan jerky. Over the past few years the website, which began as a hobby, has blossomed into a full store which stocks a huge variety of products ranging from seasonings and condiments to full on meal packs – and you guessed it – vegan meats.

Steven and Kim were kind enough to send me a few samples of the products they carry. I have to say I have never tried vegan jerky before but I was very impressed with the Louisville Vegan Jerky (featured in the giveaway box!). Even my omnivore hubby liked it – and I feel like that says a lot! The Primal Strips(also featured in the giveaway box) were so authentic tasting that I got nervous and had to double-check the package to reassure myself they were vegan. So if you’re looking for some tasty fake meats, now you know where to look!


Intrigued yet? Good! Because has sponsored a giveaway of a some their favorite handpicked vegan jerky products.

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Vegan Jerky Giveaway Package ($18 value) includes:

  • 2 flavors of Stonewall’s Jerquee
  • 1 bag of Louisville Vegan Jerky
  • 3 Primal Strips
  • 1 flavor of Vegan Dream


How to enter:

This giveaway has ended. Congratulations to the winner Ben Parsons!

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For those of you who can’t wait to try some yummy vegan jerky and other treats, use this coupon code to get $3 off a $20 order:  EATVEG. Good through the end of June.

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