Who am I to become a yoga teacher?

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Last weekend I began my first 200 hour yoga teacher training led by my favorite local studio, One Down Dog. Our training group consists of 12 women, all of whom shared a little bit about themselves during our get-to-know-you activity the first day. I was excited to hear everyone’s motivations for participating in the training and also a little comforted by how candid everyone was about their fears. Some of these fears were similar to my own, the biggest one being:

Who am I to become a yoga teacher? Am I even good enough??

This led us into another discussion of the excuses that people make for not going after something that they really want. For example, “I can’t do yoga because I’m not flexible enough” when in reality one of the main reasons to do yoga is to become more flexible!

For me, it goes a little deeper than just worrying whether or not I’m good enough. For me, the fear comes from whether or not others think I’m good enough. Lately I’ve been observing the different teaching styles I encounter in my yoga classes and begin to wonder if I have what it takes. But then I realize how dumb that sounds and snap out of it. Because I know that I signed up for this training to jump in head first, to learn and to grow and I KNOW I have what it takes to do that. And that’s when it hits me that it’s not even about “being good.”

It’s about learning and growing and never stopping.

And that’s what we’re doing, the whole group. We’ve all found our way to this teacher training with the intention of setting aside all those little pesky fears in the back of our minds and to learn and grow together. So thank you to all of the other women in this group for helping me remember why I’m doing this instead of worrying about why I shouldn’t be.

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