Who I Want To Be As A Yoga Teacher

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Yesterday I graduated from my 6-month-long 200 hour yoga teacher training. I’m officially a certified yoga teacher! As our final assignment for the training, we were asked to write a short paper about who we want to be as a yoga teacher. I’ve decided to post that here to share what is important to me and what I’m striving for as a I start this new chapter in my yoga practice:

I still remember the moment that yoga became something more for me than just a form of exercise. When a sudden rush of gratitude flooded in, for the space that I had found within myself, and I knew that I was where I needed to be. While this feeling was something I had physically created for myself, this experience was aided by the energy of the yoga teacher who was leading the class. Mild, welcoming, thoughtful. These are qualities I want to cultivate as a yoga teacher.

Pulling from my own experience as a student is where I begin to develop an idea of what kind of teacher I want to be. Coming to the realization that having a warm, safe space to come to is such a vital part of my own yoga practice, this is what I am compelled to create for others. So they, too, can have that unparalleled feeling of knowing they belong. Feeling safe to explore the practice whole-heartedly is what will allow students to grow and this is a very important to me.

I look forward to expanding my ability to create themes and eloquently incorporate them into each class. Engaging people by reminding them of their breath frequently while also encouraging them to think bigger than just their physical bodies and how their practice can trickle into their everyday life in a positive way. As a yoga teacher, I feel a strong sense of opportunity to empower people to make positive changes for themselves and find happiness within. What a wonderful feeling to know that I may help someone help themselves!

Overall, my goal as I develop my practice, now as a teacher, is to always be open to learning along with my students. I am committed to the idea of constant growth and being open to anything that may come my way, incorporating my own experience into my classes so that I can relate to people and so that they can relate to me. Above all, I hope to bring to others the beauty and joy that I have found through yoga.

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